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The Bowels of the Abyss

Propaganda, again???

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Propaganda, again???

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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Does the international media (in other words, Associated Press and Reuters) really still think that we're all soooooo stupid that we can't see through their Israeli agenda propaganda??? First we have the media crying to the heavens that the Iranian government is some kind of delusional conspiracy nut to accuse the U.S.A. and U.K. of being behind the protests. Then, all of a sudden these new protesters show up carrying signs declaring "I am Neda."

Full story here

Unfortunately nobody told them that this phrase of empathy and solidarity is purely AMERICAN and has it's origins in, I think, breast cancer campaigns. So within days of the media denying that America has anything to do with the OBVIOUS intelligence operations by U.S., U.K, and Israeli operatives intending to destabilize Iran and create yet another Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan (that's not change ANYONE can believe in!!!), we see all of these purely AMERICAN slogans popping up throughout the crowds. My money is on the fact that Neda was shot dead by a "spook" in the "game" knowing that the regime of Iran would get the blame. What information do we REALLY have that the media blackout wasn't actually caused by U.S. or U.K. conveniently turning off the transmission from their satellites which carry the Iranian signals???!!!!! This whole affair just stinks to high heaven, and all for the Israeli agenda to arm Israel to the teeth and then attempt to disarm and destabilize all other countries in the region. Can you say "Israeli Tyranny", boys and girls?

This is an insult to everyone to think that we're all so stupid to fall for these kinds of tactics. Do they also really think the Iranian government are so stupid as to intentionally create "martyrs" to solidify the cause against them???? Please!!!!!!!!!!

Love is the law, love under will.
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