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The Bowels of the Abyss

the Eighties cower before me, & are abased

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the Eighties cower before me, & are abased

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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

"Hiding the low-level details of communication
[with the TCP/IP open protocols]
helps improve productivity in several ways. First, because
programmers deal with higher-level protocol abstractions,
they do not need to learn or remember as many details
about a given hardware configuration. Thus, they can
create new programs quickly. Second, because programs
built using higher-level abstractions are not restricted
to a particular computer architecture or a particular
network hardware, they do not need to be changed when
computers or networks are replaced or reconfigured.
Third, because application programs built using
higher-level protocols are independent of the
underlying hardware, they can provide direct
communication between an arbitrary pair of computers.
Programmers do not need to build a special version of
application software for each type of computer or each
type of network. Instead, software built to use protocols
is general-purpose; the same code can be compiled and
run on an arbitrary computer."
Douglas E. Comer "The Complete TCP/IP Training Course"

Although the above paragraph applies to the particular situations of programming and working with the TCP/IP protocols, this concept is also the reason for many of the problems that the entire software programming community is faced with today at an alarmingly increasing rate. Basically, modern programmers have forgotten one of the most basic fundamentals of computer programming - the efficiency of code. Back when algore was just inventing the internet (note: that was a sarcastic joke :P ), the fewer lines of code in your program the better. Today with the predominance of huge monster application suites (of which "Microfart Swindles" is an example), most programmers' major concern has become the utilization of the latest technologies and the ensuing compatibility. While on the surface this may seem to be a positive force of motivation for continued invention and innovation, at the root it is really a poisonous thought that has the potential to turn the planet into a smoldering toxic waste dump. Let me explain step by step.

First, when a programmer decides that their new program will be supported upon all the latest technologies (e.g. Vista, dual-core processors, etc), they have a tendency to ignore the backwards compatibility issues of support for older technologies (e.g. 8088, 640K RAM, etc). This usually results in current programs being incompatible with older technologies until they begin to procede (as some of the worst offenders have) by issuing hardware compatibility check programs to tell you to buy newer hardware in order to use their software. The reaction to the implications of this approach has been, "Well, who wants to use older computer systems? The newer one's give better performance anyway." and understandably so with reference to some of the major innovations we have seen. However, left unchecked and in conjunction with the compounding exponential growth of technologies, the major detrimental result that's right around the corner will be an exponentially increasing re-issuance of application and OS programs. It will not be inconceivable to find in the near future computer programs being released that ONLY function on dual (i.e. tandem) dual-core processors.

While this may not seem to be such a big deal to many, it is of the utmost importance to understand, and here's why:

The chips and circuitry contained within most modern electronic devices are toxic waste. A back of the envelope calculation taking into consideration the purchase of a new computer system (let's say) every five years by all the computer users on the planet (especially considering the recent industrial revolution that can be barely seen through the clouds of burnt-coal in China.) should give anyone of even modest imagination pause for thought. Pawning off the "disposable planet" ultra-consumerist attitude of Americans onto the rest of the world is a crime of far greater implications and consequences than any other phenomenon known to man. If programmers would think for a moment that their initial philosophical approach to writing code could result in being buried in megatons of toxic waste, perhaps then they could be in a position to begin some real (and lasting) innovations for our future.

Since John wrote in his first letter (I John 2:15)

"Love not the world, neither the things that
are in the world. If any man love the world,
the love of the Father is not in him."

I must therefore here fully declare that the only road to salvation is the following of Anti-Christ unto a greener and healthier world. If "the love of the Father" concerns you, please consider Liber Cheth vel Vallum Abiegni sub figura CLXVI:10:

"Thou hast love; tear thy mother from thine heart, and
spit in the face of thy father. Let thy foot trample the belly of
thy wife, and let the babe at her breast be the prey of dogs
and vultures."


To return to the point, modern software programmers remind me of many of the peasants that I saw while living in Africa. It seems that most of them live by the rule of "out of sight - out of mind". It can be quite comical to see them take out the weekly garbage by walking out to the front porch and with a masonic-heave-ho TM fling their garbage bags up and over their head onto the roof of their house. Even more entertaining is when the occasional weight-load becomes too great and they are showered with old, stinking, fly-infested garbage as it collapses the roof of their house onto them. It should be a very valuable lesson to us not to emulate such clear stupidity with older obsolete computer hardware. Writing programs first from a basis of support for the 8088 chipset/instruction set (or perhaps 80286, or even Pentium I), and then adding optional code to support x64 or whatever should become the basic philosophy of coding in order to preserve the vast amount of learning tools/oxygen sources/food sources/friends available to us and known as plants and animals.

To tear out a rainforest for greed of the money that might be made from the lumber, is morally equivalent (and just as retarded) to snipping out portions of your own lungs in order to be able to poison yourself later with pesticides trying to kill off the termites that WILL BE attracted by that lumber. A better approach would be to utilize other more sustainable materials for house-building in the first place. Learn from Nature and adjust your lifestyle as appropriate, she really is the best teacher. The 40's and 50's generations have set in motion the destruction of OUR future, and now the 60's generation has become the same thing if not worse. To sum it up in a sentence (with slight apologies to Dr. Timothy Leary, Sir Aleister Crowley, and Malcolm X for the cut-up method):

Turn On, Tune In, and the earth shall grow green at my coming, by any means necessary.


Love is the law, love under will.
(who's musing on just how wrongly this post will be misinterpreted - and then laughing.)
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