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Same Sex Marriage? ... That's not the Issue

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Same Sex Marriage? ... That's not the Issue

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Much has been said concerning the recent controversy sweeping across, not only the Nation, but in particular the State of California in recent years. Proposition 8 sought to re-establish the legal definition of marriage to be an institution exclusively to be enjoyed between one man and one woman. This initiative passed the vote of the citizenry and has subsequently been heatedly challenged. But for all the wrong reasons, and here's why.

The institution of marriage as between one man and one woman is a definition that's not even Christian, not even Biblically founded. In the Bible not only was the definition of marriage between one man and one woman never heard of, it would have undermined the foundation of more than a few legitimate lineages. The house of David for one. We read in the Bible that King David most certainly had more than one wife, and other Jewish Patriarchs most certainly concurred. So why is this issue for the State of California seen as the 'protection of the sanctity of marriage' mainly by modern 'Christians', and only by modern 'Christians? Because it's not this issue that's really at stake.

The establishment of any law regarding marriage removes marriage from the churches, removes it from the Synagogues, removes it from the Sacred Groves, and places it NOT before God, but before a Legal Judge of the State. No longer is marriage to be seen as an institution based upon a foundation of love, caring, and trust; but it is now placed squarely in the middle of the institution which is the most notoriously established upon the basis of mistrust. We don't take someone into the court systems because we love them, and certainly not because we trust them. No, the courts are the places that have been firmly established upon the basis of distrust, more so than any other institution known to humankind. Far from being a 'protection of marriage' or a 'sanctification of marriage' this arrangement actually DE-sanctifies marriage more than any other action could. So why would the 'Christians' want to impose such legislation upon the State and ultimately the Nation? The first suggestion would be pure political power-grab tactics.

Unfortunately caught up in the emotional surges surrounding the issue, the 'Christians' have forgotten two very important consequences of this new legal definition. First of all, with the establishment of this legislation (Marriage is to be defined as between one man and one woman), any previous marriages that were not based upon this principle would be deemed illegitimate by the State of California. As mentioned previously King David from the Bible had many wives, so did King Solomon, and many other Jewish Patriarchs, it was the flavour of their institution of marriage. So why should Christians be concerned with the illegitimizing of the marriage of King David? Because they seem to have forgotten one very important (to them, certainly) scion of the Branch of David. In the Gospels, the lineage of Jesus Christ is very explicitly and exactly traced down from David unto the time of Christ. 'Christ' was of the 'Branch of David'. Should David's marriage be newly codified as illegitimate, then Christ would instantly gain a new title, the title of 'Bastard'. And as if this was not bad enough, there would be further implications of this status change in other areas as well.

Within the Catholic church, there is established a very strict hierarchy among its members. Many are placed above others throughout the system, with the Pope above the Cardinals, the Cardinals above the Bishops, the Bishops above the Priests, etc. But this arrangement leaves most people dumbstruck as to the status within the Catholic church of some of its most devout members. Where exactly in this grand scheme of things do the monks and more importantly for this discussion, the nuns, take their place. Short Answer: the nuns are the brides of Christ. Yes, that's right, within the monastery system of the same 'Christian' church that passed judgment through passing legislation, lies an even dirtier little secret than pedophile priests. Protected within the most devoted and sanctified fortresses of the Catholic Church sits an arrangement of marriage, which not only became de-sanctified, but also illegal in the eyes of the courts of the State of California. For the special status of every nun is DEPENDENT upon marriage NOT being defined as between one man and one woman. Certainly not as a legal status!

So what exactly drives this issue of so-called 'Same Sex Marriage', for we have just demonstrated that it has nothing to do with the Bible, with Christianity, or most certainly not the Church. No, the issue is all about the power. Legal Power. Financial Power. Political Power. The act of desanctifying marriage (by removing its authority from the church and placing that authority with the State) and removing its status as a religious institution altogether and transforming it into a legal institution, expanding the powers of government. That's right, it's not a religious issue, it's a socialist expansion issue. Proposition 8, among many other changes, expands the realms of governmental control over its citizenry, and establishes the government as the sole authority over whom one can and cannot marry. Karl Marx would be ecstatic! No long fights in the trenches, no long marches or long knives needed. With a few ballots and an initiative, Marxism gets its foundations in the State of California!

So what are the other issues at stake? Well, just about everything. Since marriage is now a legal definition judged from the Bench, it is from that same bench that all other issues that revolve around the status of marriage are now referred. Previously one's spouse could be granted citizenship through the institution of marriage. This must be retroactively repealed, for to continue to grant the right of citizenship to one based upon their status of marriage, now violates other clauses within the California State Constitution. Likewise, in danger of violating other statutes of non-discrimination within the State Constitution, all hospital visits can no longer be extended to patients based upon their status of 'marriage'. All joint filings of tax returns, the same fate, gone. For even though the people of the State of California voted to redefine the (previously religious) institution of marriage, they have NOT redefined the basis of non-discrimination within the state constitution and therefore, the status of 'marriage' can be legally used in, well, NOTHING!

As emotions rage, and 'Christians' work themselves into a froth over what they perceive to be an 'Anti-Fag Law', they unknowingly eliminated their own rights of citizenship through marriage, joint tax returns, hospital visitations, and the rest. Maybe a departure from heated discussion back to reasoned debate should have been in order a long time ago. And King David? Well, he's declared the State of California illegitimate. ;-)
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